Van Osch Films

What remains

  • Length: 27 min
  • Language: Ned
  • Direction: Loes Janssen
  • Camera: Jefrim Rothuizen
  • Sound: Diego van Uden
  • Editing: Riekje Ziengs
  • Production: Frank van Osch, Matthijs Kösters

Shortly after their mother dies, three sisters need to clear out their childhood home. All of the sorting and preparing the house for sale brings home the finality of their loss, and confronts them with the inevitable farewell to items that hold the memories of their past. Their grieving process, normally simmering below the surface, rears its head at unexpected moments, and is reflected in the way the house and all its belongings are slowly dismantled. What remains is a cinematographic documentary that stimulates the imagination of the audience by focusing on objects rather than people.

What remains is a Teledoc Campus film for AVROTROS

Made possible by Dutch Film Fund, NPO, NPO Fund, Cobo Fund, AVROTROS