Van Osch Films

A touch of cruelty

  • Length: 48 min
  • Language: Ned, Eng, Ind
  • Subtitles: Ned, Eng
  • Direction: Frank van Osch
  • Camera: Frank van Osch, Kees Rutten, Reg Gruson
  • Sound: Reg Gruson, Daan Jongbloed
  • Editing: Gerard Cevaal, Ozan Olçay, Daan Jongbloed
  • Production: Suzanne van Leendert, Niekie Kleintjens

Documentary about Jan Banning, one of Holland’s most famous documentary photographers. 

Almost every picture he takes is celebrated by press and public. However, it takes a lot of determination and belief in his own abilities: "I’m almost always under stress It’s a sort of living hell…", Banning says about his profession.


The film has won the Silver Award (the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards, film festival Atlanta).


Silver award winner