Van Osch Films

Dating on the Dance Floor

Project information

  • Length: 63 min
  • Language: Ned,
  • Subtitles: Eng
  • Direction: Frank van Osch, Daan Jongbloed, Jacqueline de Heij
  • Camera: Frank van Osch, Daan Jongbloed, Reg Gruson
  • Sound: Roeland van Doorn
  • Editing: Daan Jongbloed
  • Production: Jacqueline de Heij

In 2011 we made our first documentary in dance hall ‘Heidelicht’. A film in which love gets a second chance in this charming pub, in the border town of Postel. The visitors are at age and many of them have lost their life partner. Here on the dance floor they are looking to find new love. A film about saying goodbye, comfort, love and desire.


This film has won the Dutch Award 2012 (category Documentary).


Recently we went back to see how our main characters are doing nowadays. Their age is taking its toll. Nevertheless for almost everyone dancing in Heidelicht still remains the weekly bright spot in their lives.

This new documentary about life’s joys and sorrows lasts 63 minutes. It premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival 2016 and is selected by various film festivals all over the world.