Van Osch Films

About us




Van Osch Films creates cultural and social documentaries as well as television series. All our documentaries have a distinct trademark – they are always probing and personal. These personal stories cut close to the bone but also touch and inspire the viewer. They show secrets, fear, pain, motivation, inspiration and love.


Our documentaries cover a wide range of subjects and topics; from the late Marilyn Monroe and the Dutch musical group Bots to the world-famous photographer Jan Banning. Other topics include absent fathers, Indonesian comfort women, confessing criminals, hidden histories, grieving widows and passionate artists. 

Here in this English section of our website you can view several trailers from international productions created by Van Osch Films.


The company was founded in 1989. Our first TV documentary was about very small but also very beautiful ferries in the Netherlands (original Dutch title “Heen Motte Betale en Weer Weer”). To date more than one million people have seen this film. These days, we create documentaries in co-production with both national and international broadcasters. 

Filmmaker Frank van Osch set up the company and has won several awards so far in his illustrious career. His documentary “Because We Were Beautiful” won first prize at two different film festivals in the USA. Recently he won the ‘NL-Award’ for Best Documentary for “Dating on the Dance Floor” and he was awarded the Heineken Cultural Prize of his hometown Den Bosch. Click here for more information about our awards.