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The Mother of Beauty, about Hollywood-models in the 40’s and 50’s and getting older, premiered in the Netherlands. Next year there will be a Los Angeles premiere.

The Farmer, about a 97 years old outdated and wayward farmer, premiered at the Dutch Film Festival 2017. In Dutch film theatres, the film is an enormous success, seen by more then 10,000 visitors by now. The international premiere of the Farmer was on April 27 at HotDocs, Canada.




The Farmer (director: Daan Jongbloed) receives the NL Award 2017 for best documentary. At DocUtah (USA) and Eindhovens Film Festival (Netherlands) the film wins first prize for ‘Best (short)Documentary’.


Wisdom of the mountains (director: Daan Jongbloed) wins first prize in the category DOC during the Food Film Fest 2017 in Bergamo, Italy.


Frank van Osch receives the ‘Talent Award 2017’, for his dedication to young film makers.


The Film Festival Atlanta honours A Touch of Cruelty (director: Frank van Osch) with the Silver Award 2016.


The Benno Tapes (director: Ton van Zantvoort) receives the Golden NL Award 2015.


Director Daan Jongbloed (Wisdom of the Mountains) wins the Young Talent Award 2015. 


Broken Dreams (director: Suzanne van Leendert) wins the ‘Best Dutch Feature Length Documentary Award’ at DocFeed 2015, Eindhoven. 


Dating On The Dance Floor (director: Frank van Osch) is a documentary about trying to find love at an older age in the Heidelicht dance hall. It wins the ‘NL-award 2012’ in the documentary category. Some comments from the jury report: “This documentary has been made with a lot of respect and gives an atmospheric look into an unknown world. The camera work is stylish and provides beautiful imagery (…) well chosen characters, each with their own part to play in the story. This is a story that will be remembered.”


In 2012 Frank van Osch receives the Heineken sponsored Den Bosch Cultural Prize for his work as a filmmaker and his contribution to the audio-visual industry in the province of Brabant.


Because We Were Beautiful (director: Frank van Osch) about comfort women during Second World War, wins the award for best documentary 2011 at the Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale, Illinois (USA) and the first prize at the Artivist Film Festival, Los Angeles/Hollywood (USA).